An online presence is your effectiveness to be seen, heard and recognised online. That is why it is considered such an important asset to business growth.

I've had the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of projects and I've found that more and more businesses are not taking advantage of marketing their product online and investing in rising opportunities. This in itself can cause a dramatic shift in customer leads and the effectiveness of your brands tone of voice.

I would like to share some common questions that have worked really, really well in the field and has streamlined an easy way to evaluate your online presence.

Why is someone interested in your website?

Your website should read like a story, addressing the problems a user may have and how you have the solution for them. If your website isn't addressing these problems then your website wont be interesting to the user. Content & Marketing strategies play a heavy role in identifying each of these steps and when there is high motivation, users will act with prompts.


What is the value of this?

How valuable is the element you have presented to your customer? We're designing for your users. And the value of each element becomes an important decision. How valuable is this element to my users and how will it generate a meaningful lead?

We aim to solidify 100% of the users expectations. This is due to humans having the inherit need to feel in control. The experience a user has is a direct reflection of the value of the product in front of them.

Finding true value of each element is the keystone to solving design problems.

What channels am I on?

Your online presence should cover as many channels as possible and have continuity between each medium. If you are not active then there is little to be rewarded. Your tone of voice should resonate between online platforms and any other channel available to you. 

The channel checklist:

  • Website
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Email
  • Adwords
  • InApp Messages 

Context is Queen

Where are users accessing your content? Are they out and about or stuck behind a desk? What devices are they using?

Understanding your users and how people are accessing your website is critical to your business. The worlds smartest companies stay agile and are constantly conducting research to improve online experiences. 

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The bottom line

Your online presence is much larger than just a basic website. The impact it has on your business is why it is considered such an important asset. If you haven't taken advantage of current technologies then it is time to start thinking about it.